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The Wally Walnut Walk is an educational path, where we won’t merely learn about biology or geology, but also about life and ourselves. This is an excursion opportunity for families full of tales, nature and beautiful scenery! This is a place, where families can spend quality time together surrounded by nature. There won’t be any entrance fees. This is not designed to be competitive, so we won’t be testing your speed or stamina. You won’t have to conquer anybody or anything on this path. Nothing is mandatory. The Wally Walnut Walk is designed with the vision to create an opportunity to recharge, find peace and enjoy each other’s company.

Follow the path marked with colorful stones and stop at the story-telling points. Sit on the benches, grass, or stones and download the tale which belongs to that stop. You will find the following type of signs marking the fairytale stops:

If you allow our website to access your location information in your browser, you will get the fairy tale by clicking on the Tell me a story! button.


Rules of Wally Walnut Walk

The Wally Walnut Walk is similar to any tourist routes: anyone can walk through it at their own risk.


Take care of the environment, don’t throw your trash away, and don’t pick the wildflowers. Please use the bin:

Stones and Signs

Think about others, and don’t move the stones and signs marking the path. In case you notice any problems, or if you have any questions or comments, please send us an email to diodome at radiosd dot hu and we will respond to you quickly.

Technological issues

Use your mobile internet on your phone. You can access the audio recording of each fairy tale if you allow our website to access your location information in your browser. You will get the fairy tale that belongs to a specific location by clicking on Tell me a story! button.

Suggested equipment

Wear comfortable shoes, bring your bright spirit and a charged phone.


Certain parts of the Wally Walnut Walk are only accessible by foot, therefore please don’t use it by stroller, scooter, bike or any other wheeled vehicles. We recommend that babies are carried in a baby sling. (3-year-olds can walk the path on their own, based on our studies.)

Dogs/Other animals

You can bring any animals, but please clean up after them for the sake of children walking the path. Also, please watch your dog! There are various wild animals living along the path (hedgehogs, squirrels and others), so let us mind their safety, since this is mainly their living space.


Please, be an example and do not smoke when children are around. In case you choose to do so, please take your cigarette stub with you or throw it into the ashtray on the bench:

Follow us:

Wally Walnut Walk is made by Diósdiak Diósdért egyesület, Luzsi Margó, Tas, Bence, Pisti, Rita, Kinga, Andi, Viki, Anita, Bea, Márti néni, Debbie, Darlene, Rob, Jan, Edit, Rosh, Gergő, Monika, Tricia, Hartmut, Nadine, Kevin, Adri, István, Csabi, Tamás, Timi, Orsi, Julika, Domi, Hédi, Anna, Boróka, Lencsi, Liza, Flóra, Dani, Bebi, Barni, Bori
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